About the Holy Angels (Podcast EP 19)

July 20, 2023

About the Holy Angels Podcast Episode

Spiritual beings have been a very real force in my life. This includes my time in the New Age and occult as well as my experience after I returned to the Church.

I began spiritual formation with Opus Angelorum in order to better understand my past and to improve my relationship with my guardian angel in the here and now.  This came at a tme when I was unsure about the future the podcast, which was (as of this episode still called New Age To Catholic).

I decided to start talking about the angels and what I was I learning with the OA in the podcast below. After I recorded it, I decided to change the name of the podcast to Angels Beside Us (like this blog).

I hope these short monthly recaps of what I'm learning will be of use!

About This Episode

In this episode, I talk about my new course of study - God's holy angels - and the reality of our personal guardian angel. I also talk about the direction this is taking in terms of my upcoming content and share a great resource for further study OpusAngelorum.org (I mistakenly said dot com in the video).

For more on spiritual warfare, modern day occultism, and the Catholic faith please follow the show. New Age To Catholic - just like the blog!

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