First Step to a Better Relationship with Our Guardian Angel (Podcast EP 20)

August 24, 2023

This is my 20th podcast episode overall and my second podcast in a row on the topic of angels. And I'll be honest; I have very mixed feelings about podcasting on God's holy angels. 

I want to talk about what I'm learning about the angels. I'd like to try to counteract some of the misinformation out there on the topic. And I would like to make up for having contributed to that during my time in the New Age.

But I'm finding it difficult. Writing a blog post isn't too bad but podcasting is challenging. But I'm going to keep at and see how it goes. For now.

Anyway this is my most recent episode. It's based on insight I had when reading about angels in the Bible.

About This Episode

What can we do to build a better relationship with our Guardian Angel? What is one key thing we can do in order to benefit from his guidance?

In this episode of the podcast I talk about the first of Fr. Matthew Hinck's 12 steps to building a better friendship with our guardian angel. 

The Scripture reference for this episode is drawn from Luke 1 & 2 which talks about St. Gabriel's annunciation to the Blessed Mother and Gabriel's earlier visit to Zacharias to announce the birth of St. John the Baptist.

The teaching reference for the episode is Fr. Matthew Hinck's retreat conference The Guardian Angels and Our Spiritual Life which is available as an MP3 download from

For more on this topic please see: Grace or the Lack of It and 12 Ways to Deepen Our Friendship with the Angels

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