Testimony eBook Update & Cover Reveal

November 13, 2023

About My Testimony 

My testimony is FINALLY finished!! You can see it in the graphic above on the left. 

I overshot my October 31st deadline by a couple of weeks. But I did get it done. (The vampire novel on the right is almost finished too.) 

Right now I'm working on the final edits of the testimony and formatting it for publication. I have a title, now, and a cover, which you can see full-size below. 

Coming Up with a Title

Picking the title was a challenge. My first choice was "Of Light and Dark." But there is more content on darkness, to be honest, than there is on light because I wanted the book to be true to life. So I decided against "Of Light and Dark."

My next idea was to name the book after the spirit who led me into, and through, the darkness. On a level that made sense because that was who I was chasing and the name that fit her best was kind of cool. But the whole book was not about her.

And it's not entirely about the title I went with either. 

My Testimony Title and Cover

But the Spirit Dream was THE dream that started me on my journey away from the Faith and dreams figured prominently in much of what happened along the way. And even though the coming home part and all of it really was God, it felt kind of presumptuous to reference Him in the title.

So the title of my testimony is The Spirit Dream and the picture on the cover is how the spirit I called Ishtar looked when she first appeared to me in that dream. 

The book will be available on Amazon and on Etsy and on my author website before the end of the year (and the vampire story will be finished in early 2024). I will be talking about select topics from the testimony on the podcast and possibly sharing some excerpts here on this site. 

If you want to know more about the vampire story, you can check out my author website or substack

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