I left the Catholic Church not long after my oldest soon was profoundly and permanently disabled in a car crash.

But leaving the Church did not bring me peace.  So I looked for it in Eastern practices like yoga and Buddhist meditation and went on to spend seven  solid years in the new age and occult.

During that time I authored a popular metaphysical blog and began professionally reading and teaching tarot. 

But what is most significant, I think, is the way I was driven, as St. Ignatius puts it, "from sin to sin," exploring one occult topic after another, obsessed with learning all I could.

During that time I studied mediumship with the Spiritualists, collected EVP recordings, joined and left a coven and read 100s of new age and occult books.

I was in all in but underneath it all, I think I always knew, that something wasn't right.  Breaking free from spiritual deception wasn't easy but I would never go back!

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