My name is Barbara Graver. I’m a Catholic writer, Etsy shop owner, ex-new ager and holistic nurse.

I left the Catholic Church not long after my oldest soon was profoundly and permanently disabled in a car crash.

But leaving the Church did not bring me peace of mind.  So I looked for peace in Eastern practices like yoga and Buddhist meditation and went on to spend seven  solid years in the new age and occult.

During that time I authored a popular metaphysical blog and began professionally reading and teaching tarot. 

But what is most significant, I think, is the way I was driven, as St. Ignatius puts it, "from sin to sin," exploring one occult topic after another, obsessed with learning all I could.  I studied mediumship with the Spiritualists, collected EVP recordings, joined and left a coven and read 100s of new age and occult books.

I was in all in but underneath it all, I think I always knew, that something wasn't right.  As a new ager, my spiritual focus was always on myself.  The so-called spiritual practices I indulged in created a kind of blissfulness but that blissfulness was addictive and self-serving.  I believed I was enlightened and evolving but, in actuality, my life and relationships were deteriorating.

God first called to me in late 2017 and led me back to my Catholic faith in early 2020.  

My life as a practicing Catholic is very different now.  I don't consider myself evolved (more like spiritually remedial!) but I am no longer ignoring what's going on around me.  I find true spiritual connection through the many wonderful practices of my Catholic faith and am able to see and address issues with God's help.

At this point in my life, faith informs everything I do.  

I started this blog to share my personal testimony and offer Catholic and Catholic friendly alternatives to the new age and occult practices which have permeated our society.   I talk about similar topics on my YouTube channel, along with more general videos on Catholic life and practice.

I have begun to write again.  I'm currently working on a fiction series about a Catholic paranormal investigator.  I'm also hammering out my testimony (much of which will probably appear here in this blog).  

I also have an Etsy shop where I sell Catholic printables including prayer cards and prayer pamphlets and a few other items.  

My website at BarbaraGraver.com shares updates on my writing and printables.

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